MATTERS is a unique research-based and design-driven digital product.
Psycho-social research and participatory design methods have been applied for its ideation and development: user stories, planning flows and conversational interfaces have been developed for supporting psychosocial analysis of behaviors, attitudes, sense of involvement and moral
Personal Storytelling serves as the background of an interactive dialogue with the MATTERS BOT that evolves as the user tells himself.
The user’s responses go to a custom database allowing multifaceted analysis in order to investigate collective, social and cognitive dimensions of the user experience.
User research
The platform design precess begins with a structured research and analysis phase, carried out through interviews, focus groups, ethnography and context study.
User centred design
Starting from the user research’s results, the UX and UI designers realized flows, interfaces, graphic elements and animations.
Psychological model
The interactions are built on the basis of validated psychological analysis models: PVQ Portrait Values Questionnaire, AFS Activity Feeling States, AES Agentic Engagement Scale, AIR Academic Integrity Responsibility.
Preferences about transport means in different travel scenarios
Descriptive statistics
Personal profiles about ethical choices and decision-making
Anova and Cluster Analysis
Proxy about behaviour towards different travel scenarios
Chi square test
Insights beyond data based on scientific approach
Interpretation of data w.r.t. the decision-making framework
Guidelines for interventions aimed to affect decision-making
Development of scenario-specific interventions to affect decision-making