Ninja Riders
Building a Road Safety Culture for Young People
Mobility behaviour is difficult to catch among young people, because they are more reluctant than adults to be monitored through connected devices. Even when sensing technologies are in place, collected data tells us what happened (e.g. driving style), but not why it happened (e.g. psychological conditions affecting drivers’ decisions).
Ninja Riders engages young people with its cross-media suite of gameful digital tools: the youngsters are involved in innovative ideas generation via the Ninja Ideas online co-creation platform; mobility attitudes, preferences and choices are collected and analysed through the Ninja Stories psychographic app, which solicits young people to evaluate their “ninja” abilities within concrete scenarios where decision-making is influenced by personal and social contexts.
By stimulating awareness creation and encouraging personal reflection, Ninja Riders promotes a road safety culture and makes sense of attitudes and choices, thus allowing both young people and mobility stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of the why behind risky decision-making.

Ninja Riders is a project co-funded  by Eit Digital